Products & Partnerships

KNX is the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control JUNG: Switches and KNX systems HAGER: New future technologies in smart housing installations NIESSEN: Renewing the electrical equipment from the technology and the design THEBEN: Leader in manufacture of control systems for timing, lighting and climatization
KNX Partner from 2006 SIEMENS: Solutions of comfort and energetic efficiency, fire protection and electronic security MERTEN: Solutions for smart buildings BERKER: Switches and KNX systems GIRA: Technology for smart buildings
IPAS: Screens, accessories and software solutions for EIB/KNX buildings automation LONWORKS, American standard for implementation of distributed control networks and automation TAC: Solutions for building management (LonWorks) ISDE: Design and manufacture of equipment for houses and buildings control, (LonWorks) WHD: Loudspeakers and audio systems for the demanding listeners
HOME SYSTEMS: Automation of houses and buildings under the X10 standard (Authorized Seller) COMUNITEC: Home automation system for neighbors communities VIMAR: Develops the proprietary home automation system ByMe that is open to KNX networks BJ ADAPTACIONES: Products and services for disabled and elderly people DELTA DORE: Specialist on thermal comfort and safety
INDOMÓTIKA: Touchscreens and other KNX products ZENNIO: KNX devices for the electronic integration at home MULTIDOMO: Software service that allows to see and control the digital home from any terminal with access to Internet, as computers, laptops, UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC), Smartphones, PDAs, Windows Media Center, etc. ELSNER: Switches and KNX systems ENOCEAN: Sensors and mechanisms via RF, without external feeding, without maintenance and of free location
INTESIS: Specialists in the development of interfaces for all kind of platforms (KNX, Lonworks, Modbus, etc.) LINGG & JANKE: Systems of energy management with KNX interconnection TCI: Touchscreens and industrial PCs for coverages as the medicine, the pharmaceutical industry or the home/building automation PROFACE: Screens and other products for the industrial automation TAPKO: EIB/KNX components for the building automation field
AGUILERA: Manufacture of equipment for fire detection and extinction JANDEI: Alarms, security systems and pagers VIVOTEK: Manufacturers of IP surveillance specialized in the integration of audio-visual components in network operations DATAVID: Alarms, automatisms, biometry, cameras, CCTV, electromedicine, access control systems AXIS: Products of video IP and independent supplier of print servers
VISONIC: Wireless system for security and home/office automation IPTECNO: Cameras, videorecorders, IP CCTV SIMONS VOSS: Digital systems for access control and wireless closing via RF WINKHAUS: Automation and access control BPT: Solutions for access control, audio and video entrance control systems
LAGPER: Distribution of phone equipments FERMAX: Design and manufacture of equipment for communication, security and buildings comfort TEGUI: Audio and video entrance systems for access control in single-family houses, communities, offices, companies, big buildings or residential zones SIEDLE: Manufacturers of building communications equipment and systems ADDER: Design and manufacture of KVM expanders, KVM IP expanders and audio/video expanders
SONOS: System of access and control to all your music and everywhere in your house through wireless connection ASHERIDGE: Passives, measure equipments, cables and connectors, home networking, high definition and ZON audio AMX: Multiroom audio and video distribution systems CRESTRON: Advanced systems of control and automation, integrated solutions for audio, video and IP systems  control OPUS: System for music and video access and centralized control everywhere in your home
HTC: Mobile devices, PDA Phones and Smart Phones BELSATI: Industrial computers, equipments for extreme conditions, Tablet PC, PDA and printers, for the professional, military and industrial sectors TELEVÉS: Design and manufacture of equipments for reception and distribution of the television signal PRONTO: Solution for the control of audio and video devices and home automation AIKE: Security, home automation, biometry, access control, CCTV
NEWSAI: Uninterrupted power systems INVERTER: Uninterrupted power systems DAIKIN: Manufacture of advanced climatization equipments for residential, commercial and industrial applications MITSUBISHI: Climatization systems for homes and buildings HONEYWELL: Manufacturer of a wide catalog of products of automation and control
FAGOR: Electrical Appliances and Digital Homes Specialists DUOVAC: Centralized vacuum cleaner system CYCLOVAC: Manufacturer of entralized vacuum cleaner systems SYSTEMAIR: Ventilation systems IROBOT: Roomba's autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner equipments
REHAU: World leader in the areas of the construction, automotion and industry QUIX MULTIMEDIA: X10 ?automation systems, multimedia and alarm/supervision systems ALLNET: Manufacturer and wholesaler specialized in network and telecommunications products HT SISTEMAS: Manufacturer of low voltage electrical protections GAVE: Manufacturers and distributors of low voltage electrical equipment
SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC: Specialist in Power & Control, average and low tension|voltage and industrial control and automatism ABB: Electrotechnical and automation technologies BTICINO: Switches, home automation and communication systems SIMON: Manufacturer of solutions for electrical installations and smart homes: SimonVOX.2 and SimonVIT@ CIRPROTEC: Protection against Lightnings and Overvoltages
CDVI: Access control and electronic latches LUTRON: Lighting control systems for homes or buildings MOXA: Develops the interconnection of industrial devices via RS-485 protocol, mobile networks and Ethernet networks LUMON: Finnish company specialized in constructions of glass and aluminum CIRCUTOR: Design and manufacture of electrical protection equipments for industrial enviroments