About us

In AFESER S.L. we want to improve the quality of life of the people through performances in the residential, public and professional areas, making a rational use of the new technologies, in concordance with the architecture, and a deep respect for the environment.

Our task goes around Home Automation and Telecommunications: two areas intimately related that they awaken a great interest. From one side we are facing an increasing demand of technology associated with the comfort, security, communications and energetic savings. On the other side, we attend important normative changes in the national and community legislation. Both aspects hitting in a special way in the construction market.

To face it, we offer you effective, economically cost-effective, solutions of simple implementation, coordinating the different actors, respecting the planning of a new work or refurnishment and assuring the correct maintenance of the adopted solution.

In AFESER S.L. we create value for You.

Our mission

In AFESER S.L. we believe in the people and we work for them, offering our speciality in home automation and telecommunications, so that the technology makes the life for us the most pleasant and safe as possible, contributing likewise to preserve the planet.

AFESER, S.L. is governed by strict rules of quality, chasing the excellence in the professional and human areas. It follows the applicable legislations in all its areas of operation and the professional deontological codes of its speciality, being moreover engaged with the development of the society and, in a particular way, with that of its employees and collaborators.

AFESER S.L. destinates a third of its annual profits to projects of human development in different parts of the world.

The Humanity has given life to the technology.
Now it is the moment of which the technology gives the Life back to the Humanity.