Home Automation

The big demand of quality and welfare, the necessary reduction in the energetic expense and the increase of the security, as well as the upcoming modernization of the buildings, ends up with the necessity of a new actor: home automation.

Home automation could be described like a technology of technologies. It is the set of equipments and networks in control of the variety of appliances and present facilities in a house, site, building, set of buildings or room; destined to the people that occupy them, for residential, professional or ludic purposes.

Home automation allows us to automate operations related to blind, lighting and, in general, to control any equipment within the the property. And this is a key characteristic of AFESER S.L. We can integrate the conventional heating or by radiant floor, the air-conditioning, irrigation system, sunlight collection system, swimming pools, access control, alarms, etc. Moreover, we offer you an energetic management in order to reduce expenses, as well as strategies to increase the levels of personal and patrimonial security.

AFESER S.L. offers you solutions to centralize the control, from several points of the house or building, from a personal agenda (PDA), from a remote site using a telephone or from Internet. A possibility really appreciated is the deviation of calls made to the video door phone towards other flats of the building, to the mobile phone or to a computer, avoiding that who calls you would know if anybody is at home or not. It is also possible to use the video door phone to send and receive text or multimedia messages; interoperating with the telephone, the television and the computers.

AFESER S.L. brings professional home automation solutions for houses, residential or ludic complexes, hotels, congres rooms, residences, offices, sites or shopping centers.